Last weekend, I had the pleasure of seeing grunge-tinged pop punk outfit Weatherstate at the Sebright Arms in London, alongside punk powerhouses Havelocke and Triple Sundae. I managed to catch them after their set and ask a few questions, and this is what they had to say:

How did you all meet + what led to Weatherstate’s formation? Were there any events in your lives that led to the band as it is now?

We essentially formed out of the ashes of old projects. At the time, Harry & Hogan were living in Bristol. I had recently moved home to the south coast and was travelling once or twice a week on the train to help write our first demo. We were short a drummer so that’s where I reached out to Toby to play drums for us. He was also playing in another band with me around that time that have disbanded. In short, we travelled a lot to get the band off the ground. It’s a bit easier these days with everyone pretty much living really close to our hometown in Dorset. At that time we certainly put a shift in!

What were you guys listening to when writing/recording Born a Cynic? Were there any musical elements or artists you had particularly in your mind when composing the tracks?

To be honest, I frankly can’t quite remember what I was listening to when we had started writing for the record. We pretty much started writing the record at the end of 2016. I remember around that time seeing bands like Milk Teeth, Creeper, Puppy, Trash Boat etc. start breaking in. It started to feel like UK rock music meant something again. In terms of a more direct influence to us, we decided to naturally take a step towards music we traditionally had looked up to albeit Green Day, Weezer but also anything fast, punchy and fucking loud. I’d like to say it’s something more calculated but it really is just us playing music we love quite loudly. We’re very much a band who concentrates on what feels pure to us.

Is there an underlying thematic message behind Born a Cynic (either for yourselves or for your audience)? What is it?

This would be a question more targeted at Hazza. But Born a Cynic covers a lot of ground lyrically across all walks of life. Some subjects on the record pick up off of relationships in our teens through to tackling the day-to-day of being an adult and the absolute slog and grind that you have to suffer through just achieve your goals of being a creatively driven person. Inadvertently, it tackles a lot of social issues sang through venom, vigour and cynicism — hence the title I guess! *laughs*

Your marketing campaign was genius. Do you guys handle it all yourselves? What’s your ethic when it comes to writing / promoting your material?

Thanks! I’m glad you dig it. Going into this campaign, I think subconsciously we just didn’t want to take this campaign “too” seriously and make it just FUN. There are a lot of bands out there who will want to present themselves as clean cut & overly-professional (if that’s even a word?) to the point where the “product” of their band loses all character. We’ve been guilty of this at times previously, but there’s so many examples today of new bands getting lost in the shuffle trying to be as clean and green as possible. We simply did not want to get lost in that shuffle when we’ve tried to play that game before and we invested everything into this. In a weird see-saw kind of way, we said “Fuck it!” and did not want to create a campaign that we are just “mild” about. We just want everything about our band to be fun.

Where would you guys consider yourselves in relation to the UK music scene? What direction do you see our scene taking in the near future?

It’s always a tricky one to say where we belong! We’ve always found ourselves sandwiched between scenes in the UK sonically. I feel like a lot of subgenres like punk rock/pop punk is going through this weird adjustment phase right now where bands from our scene are trying to step outside of their proverbial boxes and find their feet. This is a good thing though. As for us: we simply just wanna continue what we find fun and tickles us.

Photo Credit: Léna Villari