A lot has changed since 2000.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been nineteen years since the release of New Found Glory’s first album of movie covers, From the Screen to Your Stereo found it’s way onto our CD Walkmans.

In the two decades since, those portable CD players have been replaced with MP3 players and then cell phones. The price of shows has doubled. Brand New and AFI sound nothing like Brand New or AFI. One of the (rare) constants over the years has been the output of scene-veterans, New Found Glory.

While fans will argue over which of the band’s albums were best, most generally agree that there isn’t a particularly bad album among the band’s 9 full-lengths, 4 cover albums, and various EPs, splits, and compilations.

That said, if you’re a fan of the previous From The Screen To Your Stereo albums, you’re going to enjoy the third installation, out May 3rd on Hopeless Records.

The album opens strong, by proving that you can, in fact, polish a turd. Maybe I’m alone in my disdain for the Pitch Perfect movies, but the original version of Cups, as performed by actress Anna Kendrick is nothing memorable. New Found Glory crushes the original with a moshable, upbeat take on the vapid pop original.

This is Me, originally performed by Keala Settle on The Greatest Showman soundtrack takes the piano-driven anthem in a decidedly “New Found Glory” direction with the type of easycore anthem that we all pogo in unison to. The cover version pays homage to the original with near orchesteral-sounding gang vocals.

Eye of the Tiger, which I was most anticipated to hear doesn’t disappoint with driving guitars that wouldn’t sound out of place on an early AFI album before kicking into a pretty punk rock version of the Survivor “get pumped up” classic.

Rounding out From The Screen To Your Stereo 3 include Let it Go from the Frozen Soundtrack, Heuy Lewis & The News classic, The Power of Love and Counting Crows jam, Accidentally in Love.

The album’s weak point comes from the most expected of places – teen melodrama. I thought that we’d agreed as a scene to not mention the cringe Twilight years. I guess not. Not even New Found Glory were able to save Christina Perri’s “written-to-make-teen-girls-cry” song, A Thousand Years from the inexplicable hit’s soundtrack.

One weak track isn’t going to bring down a fun covers album though. New Found Glory’s fourth covers album (third in the series, they also have a sick RAMONES cover album) fits nicely into their catalog. It’s a must-have for fans… but really aren’t they all?

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