Pop Punk Night offers a variety of Spotify playlists that are open for consideration for independent artists. Upon submission, your track will be placed in queue and reviewed by our editoral board.

Once approved, your song will be added to the appropriate playlist either on a limited or permanant basis depending on the nature of the playlist.

Due to limited availability and listening time, our staff has implemented a buy-on system for bands looking to bypass the waiting and approval process and be added immediately to our playlists. BUYING ON TO A PLAYLIST IS 100% OPTIONAL. This buy-on system allows us to promote the playlists, and therefore your music via paid advertising platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify.  

Before submitting your track to our playlists, please be sure to read the following guidelines to ensure that the approval process goes as quickly as possible. 


The #EMOSONGOFTHEDAY is a new conceptual one-song playlist designed to provide maximum exposure to any artist featured. This one-song playlist is updated daily and limited to TWO buy-on’s each week.


The BEST POP PUNK OF 2019 is by far our most popular playlist and features some of the best emo & pop punk from up and coming bands from all over the world. Temporary and permanent buy-ons available.


The EMO COMMUTE is a short playlist for the drive to work featuring some of the biggest hits in scene history. With only 10 songs, two slots are available for buy-on to be included with scene icons!