Simple Creatures have released a video for their new single, “Adrenaline” from their debute EP, “Strange Love.”

The dance/pop/punk supergroup featuring Mark Hoppus (Blink 182) and Alex Gaskarth (All Time Low) recently announced a follow-up EP, “Everything Opposite,” which is due to be released sometime this summer.

Speaking with Rocksound, the duo confirmed that they intend to release a full-length album in the future:

“Album, yes. When we first set out, we had enough music to put out a record but I don’t think we wanted to inundate people with that much music right off the bat. We wanted to put out some music (then) put out some more music later. Especially the way that modern music is consumed and released…that’s something that’s really exciting for me as a musician, is to have that agility to put out whatever you want.”