Swiss easy core band Sink Or Swim have released a new single and video for their new track, “Sunrays.” The acoustic single is accompanied with a brand new video, which you can watch here:

The goal of the video was to really visualize the vibe and feeling of the song. We decided to just take a weekend and drive off to a distant place. We rented a loft there to shoot the main shots, but the essence of the video was the time we spent exploring that place and having a good time. We wanted the video be as authentic as possible and so just took a camera with us as we were travelling through.

Marc Singer – Vocalist, Sink or Swim on the band’s new video, “Sunrays.”

The band has a few shows this summer including June 16th with As It Is and September 1st with Capstan and Doll Skin. You can find more shows on the band’s social media: